Automatic recycle valve

Automatic recycle valve

Modern industrial equipment process request centrifugal pump are basically work under condition of variable flow, which needs set up automatic control devices in the process. However, when centrifugal pump under low load operation will appear overheating, serious noise, unstable and erosion which caused damage of pump. At this moment needs a kind of Automatic recirculation equipment, when pump under low load operation, through the bypass realize pump minimum flow backflow cycle.

Through many years of research and development, continuous innovation and practice, shanghai datian valve pipe engineereing co.,ltd research ZD series Automatic recirculation Pump Protection Valve, to prevent overheating, serious noise, unstable and erosion damage of centrifugal pump under low load operation

As long as the flow rate of the pump valve below a certain value, the bypass backflow mouth will automatically open to ensure necessary minimum flow of pump.

Automatic recirculation valve set check valve, flow perception, bypass control valve, multi-stage step-down in one, do not need power, control system and wiring, essential safety. Take up little space, which reduced the possibility of high-speed fluid to malfunction to minimum. Installation and maintenance cost is low, is the priority pump protection way of modern industrial process.