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Bellow Sealed Valve Overview

Bellow Sealed Valves Are Mainly Divided into Types of Bellow Sealed Globe Valves and Bellow Sealed Gate Valves

Bellow Sealed Valves are Applicable for the Cutting and Connection of Pipelines Medium That are Used in Various Industries Such as Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmacy, Chemical Fertilizer and Electric Power Plants etc under Nominal Pressures from PN1.6Mpa to PN4.0Mpa and Working Temperatures from -20C to 350C Degree.Reasonable Structure, Reliable Sealing, Excellent Performance and Beautiful AppearanceSealing Surface is Hard-facing with Cr. Alloy which is Anti-resistant, Corrosion-resistant, Anti-Friction to Ensure a Longer Service Life.Stem Of Bellow Sealed Globe Valve are Quenched and Tempered with Nitriding Treatment Which Ensure A Perfect Anti-corrosion and Anti-friction Features.Bellow Sealed Globe Valve is With Double Sealing to Ensure a Perfect Operation.Bellow Sealed Globe Valve is With Stem Position Indicator to Show More Directly on the Valve On/Off Status.Various Main Body or Trim Materials are Available to suit different service conditions.




Pump Run Out Protection
Pump Run Out Protection
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