Lift Wafer Check Valve

Lift Wafer Check Valve

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Lift Wafer Check Valve


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Product Description

  • The wafer Check Valves Available in Swing Type Wafer Check Valve & Lift Type Wafer Check Valve, Dual Plate and Single Plate Type. Fully Lugged or Flanged Connection
  • Standards available in API, DIN, BS, EN, SH & ISO etc.
  • Materials available in Standard Forged or Cast Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel and Monel etc.
  • Wafer Check Valve is with Main Features as below:
  • Pressure Ratings: Class #150~Class #2500 (PN10~PN420)
  • Nominal Pressure: NPS1/2~NPS64 (DN15~DN1600)
  • Wafer Check Valves are opened by the fluid flow and closed as far as fluid flow stops or reverses direction.
  • Swing Wafer Check Valves is provided with limit stops to prevent disc from remaining in open position or damping device for prevent slamming, Where required, A hand operator can be provided enabling the valve to be locked in open or close position with indication of position

Standards Compliance

  • Design & Manufacture: API 6D, API 594, JB/T 8937-1999
  • Face-to-Face Dimension: API 6D, API 594, JB/T 8937-1999, DIN 3202
  • Inspect & Test: API 6D, API 598, JB/T 9092-1999
  • Pre-temp. Rating: JB/T 74, SH 3406, DIN 2401, HG 20604, HG 20625, GB/T 9124, ASME B 16.34
  • Flanged Dimensions: JB/T 74~90,GB/T 13402,GB/T 9112~9124,HG 20592~20635,SH 3406,API 605,AWWA C207,ASME B 16.5,ASME B 16.47,DIN 2543~2548

Structure Features

  • The Wafer Check Valve is in Small Face to face dimension which is only of 1/4~1/8 of Standard Swing Flanged Check Valves.
  • With Small Volume and Weight
  • Disc can be quickly closed which ensuring a very small water hammer pressure
  • Perfect Flow Passage gives a very small flow resistance
  • Wafer check valves can be easily installed onto Pipelines both in Vertical and Parallel style
  • With Flexible actions and perfect sealing
  • Valve Disc of wafer check valve is with a short travelling journey which ensuring a very small impact caused by valve close
  • The Wafer Check Valve is Integral Designed, provided with a compact structure and beautiful appearance.
  • Reliable provided with Long time service life
  • The Wafer check valve is provide with a device preventing Flow Direction Reverse or Stop which can be controlled automatically

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