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ZHF(H) Type 3-way Control Valve (Pneumatic / Electric) includes disverging and converging actions, it can replace two sets two-way valve and widely used in many occasions to regulate pressure, flowrate, temperature and liquid level. Spool structure with side guiding, well stability, no vibration, low noisy, can bear high pressure difference, easy for connection, etc. While with low nominal size and pressure difference, converging valve can be used in disverging occasion. However, while nominal size higher than DN100 and high pressure difference, converging valve and disverging valve can’t be exchanged.

3-way Control Valve Specification

Body type: 3-way casting globe type
Spool type: 3-way double seat spool
Nominal size: DN20~300 NPS 3/4〞~ 12〞
Nominal pressure: PN16 ~ 100 CLASS 150LB ~ 600LB
Connection: flange: FF、RF、MF、RTJ
Welding: SW、BW
Flange dimension: acc. to IEC 60534
Bonnet type: standard type(-5℃~230℃)
Radiator type: (-45℃~higher than 230℃occasion)
Low temperature extended type(-196℃~ -45℃)
Bellow seal type
Packing: V type PFTE packing, flex. graphite packing, etc.
Gasket: Metal graphite packing
Actuator: pneumatic: multi-spring diaphragm actuator, piston type actuator.
electric: 3810L series smart actuator, PSL series actuator.
Surface painting: Green color, acrylic acid polyurthene ceramic paint.

3-way Control Valve Code

Z Actuator H Structure Nominal pressure Body material Nominal size
Z series control valve J:  pneumatic diaphragm
H: pneumatic piston type
R: electric 3810L type
D: electric PSL type
H: direct travel

F:  disverging type
H: converging type
F(H)G: radiator disverging(converging) type
F(H)V: bellow seal disverging
(converging) type
F(H)D:  low temperature
disverging(converging) type

CL150LB=150 LB

D= special material

DN25= DN25
NPS 1〞

Such as: Pneumatic diaphragm converging (disverging) 3-way control valve, radiator type, pressure PN16, valve material WCB, nominal size DN50, type:  ZJHFG-16C DN50

3-way Control Valve Performance

Flow characteristic Linear, percentage
Allowable range 30: 1
Rated Cv value Percentage \ linear CV8.5~1280
Allowable leakage Metal seal: IV grade(0.01% rated capacity)
Performance   Pneumatic Electric
Allowable tolerance, % ±1.5 ±1.0
Return difference, % ≤1.5 ≤1.0
Dead zone, % ≤0.6 ≤1.0
Difference from beginning to end point, % ±2.5 ±2.5
Rated travel difference, % ≤2.5 ≤2.5
Note : specification on the basis of control valve with positioner and PTFE packing.

3-way Control Valve Special specification

Special test Material penetration flaw detection (PT), radiator test (RT),
flow characteristic test, low temperature test.
Special treatment Trim nitrogen treatment, seat hard alloy treatment.
Special rinse Degreasing and dehydration treatment
Special condition Special piping or connection, vacuum condition, S.S fastener, special coating.
Special dimension Customized face to face length or dimension
Test and inspection Third party test report

3-way Control Valve Actuator

Type/ Method Pneumatic diaphragm actuator Electric actuator
ZH23~ZH56 3810L series
 Multi-spring type Intelligent integrated type
Usage Regulating type, ON-OFF type Regulating
Air supply pressure or Power supply voltage Air supply pressure (Spring range)
140(20~100)Kpa G
240 (40~200) Kpa G
280 (80~240) Kpa G
Power: AC 200V±10%  50Hz
Or Power: AC 380V±10% 50Hz
Connector Air pipe connector: RC1/4 Nomal type:  cable inlet 2-PF(G1/2〞)
Explosive proof:  Protection jacket PF(G3/4〞)
Positive action Pressure increase, stem descend, valve close. Input signal increase, stem descend, valve close.
Negative action Pressure increase, stem ascend, valve open. Input signal increase, stem ascend, valve open.
Input signal 40~20mA.DC(with positioner) Input/output4~20mA.DC
Lag ≤1%FS(with positioner) ≤0.8%FS
Linear type 2%FS(with positioner) +1%FS
Environmental temperature -10℃~+70℃ Standard type: -10℃~+60℃
With space heater : -35℃~+60℃
Explosive proof: -10℃~+40℃
Surface coating Green, acrylic acid polyurethane coating Blue, acrylic acid polyurethane coating
Accessories Electric-air (air-air) valve positioned, filter regulator, valve converter, solenoid valve, limited switch Space hearter (normal type)
Note : non-standard accessories, need special customized notes.

3-way Control Valve Parameter

Seat diamter(mm) 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300
Rated flow coefficient, CV 8.5 13 21 34 53 85 135 210 340 535 800 1280
Nominal size Travel Option flow coefficient Cv(★standard ●recommended)
DN25 16 mm                      
DN32 25 mm                      
DN65 40mm                      
DN125 60mm                      
DN250 100mm                  
Pneumatic actuator
Diaphragm area, Ae (cm2)
ZHA/B-23 ZHA/B-34 ZHA/B-45 ZHA/B-56
350 560 900 1600
Action Spring range Metal sealing allowable pressure difference(MPa)
Air open 20-100KPa 0.7 0.44 0.28 0.18 0.17 0.11 0.07 0.07 0.05 0.03 0.05 0.03
40-200 KPa 2.14 1.31 0.84 0.53 0.51 0.33 0.21 0.22 0.15 0.09 0.11 0.07
80-240 KPa 4.99 3.05 1.95 1.25 1.18 0.78 0.5 0.51 0.36 0.21 0.21 0.15
Air close 20-100KPa 2.14 0.87 0.56 0.35 0.34 0.22 0.14 0.15 0.1 0.06 0.05 0.03
40-200 KPa 6.4 5.86 3.64 2.3 2.21 1.43 0.91 0.95 0.66 0.37 0.11 0.07
80-240 KPa 6.4 6.4 5.04 3.18 3.06 1.98 1.26 1.32 0.92 0.52 0.21 0.15
Electric actuator Metal sealing max. allowable pressure difference(MPa)
Type Thrust(N)
3810L-08 800 1.52                      
3810L-20 2000 3.05 1.86 1.19 0.76                
3810L-30 3000   2.79 1.79 1.14                
3810L-50 5000   4.66 2.98 1.91 1.13 0.6 0.47          
3810L-65 6500         1.35 0.8 0.57 0.39 0.26 0.16    
3810L-99 10000               0.61 0.42 0.20 0.17 0.11
3810L-160 16000               0.97 0.67 0.35 0.27 0.18

3-way Control Valve Standard material and internal structure

Table 1: Body WCB
Seat 304 304 304
Spool 304 304 304
Gasket 316+graphite/PTFE
Bushing 304 304 304
Bonnet WCB LCB WC9
Packing PTFE/flex. graphite
Packing bushing 304 304 304
Stem 304 304 304
Stud 45 40MnB 25Cr2Mo1VA
Nut 35 35 25Cr2Mo1VA
3-way Control Valve Internal structure Table 2: Body S.S
Body CF8 CF8M CF3M
Seat 304 316 316L
Spool 304 316 316L
Gasket 316+graphite/PTFE
Bushing 316 316 316L
Bonnet CF8 CF8M CF3M
Packing PTFE/flex. graphite
Packing bushing 304 316 316L
Gland CF8 CF8M CF3M
Stem 304 316 316L
Stud 304 316 316L
Nut 304 316 316L
  • Above structure, seat is metal sealing, PTFE soft sealing is VI grade as option. Also can provide stillate hard sealing. As per actual working temperature, we may choose proper bolt & nut accordingly.
  • PTFE V type stem packing is with graphite, the working temperature can be higher than 232℃(450 F)
  • The common body material is WCB and S.S, can apply with other high corrosion resistance alloy material.

3-way Control Valve Standard Variety valve structure

MG type radiator plate 3 way control vavle MV type bellow sealed 3 way control valve MD type low temperature 3 way control valv
MG type radiator plate 3 way control vavle, applicable for temperature -45℃~higher 230℃ MV type bellow sealed 3 way control valve, applicable for multi-layer bellow seal, well protected medium against loss. MD type low temperature 3 way control valve, spool integrated external suction structure, convenient and easy for maintenance.

3-way Control Valve Medium flow direction

Valve type ZHF disverging 3-way valve ZHH converging 3-way valve
Actuator Positive action(signal close) Negative action(signal open) Positive action(signal close) Negative action(signal open)
Input signal 0% Input signal 100% Input signal 0% Input signal 100% Input signal 0% Input signal 100% Input signal 0% Input signal 100%
Flow direction AB→B AB→A AB→A AB→B A→AB B→AB B→AB A→AB
Flow direction
3 way mixed flow control valve

3 way diverting flow control valve