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ZRP Eccentric Rotary Control Valve (Pneumatic / Electric) ( CAM deflection control valve), consisted with actuator and eccentric rotary valve, is a kind of angle trip control valve which compose with partly ball valve plate deflection, eccentric rod rotary to control fuild. Rotary center of valve disk not concentric with rotary rod can reduce wear and prolong service life . Disk back setted a contra-vane is advantage for fuild stability flow and good stable. Secondly, large flow, adjustement scope wide and other feature. It is used widely in petroleum , chemical , electric , metallurgy, steel, papermaking, medical , food, spinning, light industry and other industry.

Eccentric rotary control valve Standard Specification

Body type: Straight casing eccentric ball type valve
Spool type: Eccentric bow globe ball body
Nominal size: DN50 ~300 NPS 2〞~12〞
Nominal pressure: PN16 ~40 CLASS 150LB ~300LB
Connection: flange: FF, RF, RTJ, Wafer type and so on.
Bonnet type: Whole type
Packing: V type PTFE, Flexible graphite
Seal gasket: Metal+graphite
Actuator: Pneumatic : pneumatic piston actuator, pneumatic diagragm actuator
Electric: DTR series, 3810 series
Surface painting: Green color, acrylic acid polyurthene ceramic paint.

Eccentric rotary control valve Model Establishment

Z Actuator R Structure type Nominal pressure Body material Nominal diameter
Z series control valve S: pneumatic piston
J: pneumatic diagragm
A: Electric DTR series
R: Electric 3810 series
R Rotary P:Standard full cavity rotary
PF: Soft seal eccentric Rotary
RP:reduced chamter eccentric rotary
150 LB
D= Special
DN50= DN50
Example: Pneumatic piston eccentric rotary control valve,pressure PN16, Body material WCB, Nominal diameter DN50, Model: ZSRP-16C DN50

Eccentric rotary control valve Performance

Flow characteristic Approximation percentage
Adjustment scope Full chamber type 100:1    Shrinkage chamber type 40:1
Rated CV Full chamber type CV 14~1750   Shrinkage chamber type CV 6-700
Travel Full open 60°
Allowable leakage Hard seal:IV(0.01% valve rated capacity), soft seal:VI(Bubble level)
Intrinsic error % Penumatic type ±2 Electric type ±2.0
Hysteresis % Pneumatic type ≤1.5 Electric type ≤1.0
Dead zone% Pneumatic type ≤0.6 Electric type ≤1.0
Note :Parameters in performance sheet is based on the control valve with positioner and PTFE packing .

Eccentric rotary control valve Selected parameter

Nominal diameter DN(mm) 25 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300
Rated flow coefficient Cv Full chamber type 14 30 55 100 135 230 320 500 850 1300 1750
Shrinkage chamber type 6 12 20 40 54 92 128 200 340 520 700
Double action pneumatic actuator Air supply pressure 400KPa
Model Torque(N.M) PTFE packing , metal seal allow differential pressure
ATD63 23.5 2.35 0.94                  
ATD75 46.5 5.0 2.84 1.49 0.57 0.33            
ATD88 73.2     2.39 0.99 0.62            
ATD100 106       1.54 0.99 0.30 0.19        
ATD125 221           1.29 0.80 0.39      
ATD160 453           2.84 1.79 0.89 0.47 0.26 0.14
Single action pneumatic actuator Air supply pressure 400KPa
Model torque(N.M) PTFE packing , metal seal allow differential pressure
ATS75 26.5 0.19                    
ATS88 44 1.19 0.09                  
ATS100 60.7 3.97 1.59 0.81 0.11              
ATS125 126     2.19 0.89 0.59            
ATS160 269         1.39 0.53 0.34        
ATS200 467           2.84 1.79 0.89 0.47 0.26 0.14
Electric actuator  
Model Torque(N.M) PTFE packing , metal seal allow differential pressure
3810R-10 100 10 7.5 4.0                
3810R-30 300       5 4.5 2.3 2.1 1.9      
3810R-50 500                 1.0 0.6 0.4

Eccentric rotary control valve Actuator

Model/Style Pneumatic piston acturator Full electronic type electric actuator
AT Series 3810R Series
Single action, Double action Built-in control box type intelligent integration
Usage Adjustment, on-off Adjustment
Air supply pressure or supply voltage Air supply pressure ( spring scope)
400 Kpa G
Power: AC 200V±10%  50Hz
Or power: AC 380V±10% 50Hz
Connector Air tube adapter: RC1/4 Normal type: Cable intake 2-PF(G1/2〞)
Exd : it can be installed protective sleeve PF(G3/4〞
Direct action Gas pressure increase disk anti-clockwise rotaion,valve close Input signal increase disk anti-clockwise rotation, valve close
Reaction Gas pressure increase disk clockwise rotaion,valve open Input signal increase disk clockwise rotation, valve open
Input signal 40~20mA.DC(with E/P positioner) Input/putout4~20mA.DC
Lag ≤1%FS(with positioner) ≤0.8%FS
Linearity 2%FS(with positioner) ≤+1%FS
Working temperature -10℃~+70℃ Standard type: -10℃~+60℃
With spacer heater: -35℃~+60℃
Exd type: -10℃~+40℃
Coating Green, acrylic polyurethane enamel    Blue, acrylic polyurethane enamel
Option parts Electric-Pneumatic (Pneumatic-pneumatic)valve positioner,LFT,Valve position transmitter,solenoid valve,limited switch Space heater (normal type)
Note: Not standard configuration, need to be stated before order.

Standard material and internal structure

Eccentric rotary control valve internal structure
Table 1: Body WCB
Seat 304 304 304
Disk 304 304 304
Gasket 316+ graphit /PTFE
Bushing 304 304 304
Bonnet WCB LCB WC9
Packing PTFE/ Flexible graphit
Packing gland 304 304 304
Stem 304 304 304
Bolt 45 40MnB 25Cr2Mo1VA
Nut 35 35 25Cr2Mo1VA
Table 2: Body S.S
Body CF8 CF8M CF3M
Seat 304 316 316L
Disk 304 316 316L
Gasket 316+ Graphit/PTFE
Bushing 304 316 316L
Bonnet CF8 CF8M CF3M
Packing PTFE/ Flexible graphit
Packing gland 304 316 316L
Clamp CF8 CF8M CF3M
Stem 304 316 316L
Bolt 304 316 316L
Nut 304 316 316L
  • Above is standard structure, seat is metal to metal, PTFE soft seat is VI seal option. We also provide STL coating strim.
  • Stardard body material is WCB and SS, We can provide many kinds alloy material to be used in high corrosive situation.