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Automatic Recirculation Valve Installation And Maintenance

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Automatic Recirculation Valves Installation

17 May 2015/  /  in Automatic Recycle Valve Technical Article

Before the Automatic Recirculation Valve is shipped all connections (flanges or weld connection.) are covered with plastic caps. This way the valve internals are protected against the ingress of dirt and damage. Before the valve is installed these covers must be removed. After a visual inspection on possible shipping damages and eventual presence of dirt/solids the valve can be installed in the direction of the arrow. The DATIAN series PSG are very maintenance friendly. The only maintenance required is the exchange of the soft-parts and the cleaning of the internals during the annual inspection and the exchange of springs every 3-5 years depending on the operating conditions. Other parts only have to be exchanged when they are damaged or when there are changes in process conditions.

Before inspection and assembly the complete valve must be cleaned, especially the contact- and guiding area's of the valve internals. Soft parts must be exchanged with every inspection. Inspections that are part of a revision plan are customer responsibility.