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YT43H Steam Pressure Reducing Valve

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YT43H Steam Pressure Reducing Valve


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Structural features ang uses

This the set pressure reducing value is a forerunner style piston pressure reducing value.Consist of the primary valve and guides two sections on the valve that the primary valve chiefly consists of the spare parts such as valve pedestal,valve fragment,pisten,vat case and spring and so on.Guides that the valve chiefly consists of the valve pedestal,valve fragment,iris,spring and regulates the spring and so on piece. The produce is living to act as on the ordinary pressure reducing value base to improve very much,widend the piston area,and revised the choke composition,and revised the sealing airtight shape,and widend to pass through runing the area to wait,thereby is living to lift the response and the amount and life and so on the respect improved the performance enormously.

This produce is main in the way of the steam piperoute,and it is great to the rate of flow huge current quantitative changeition to be applicable,and import pressure changes the steam pipe route greatly.

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