Coal Gasification

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Datian valve has developed five leading valve designs for coal gasification. From the very earliest coal gasification plants in South Africa (Sasol) to the latest installations in the USA (GE, and Valero) to Shell and Siemens in Europe, you will find Datian valve valves.


Coal gasification technology uses coal, refinery tars, high sulfur fuel oils and mixes them with Oxygen and steam in the reducing environment of a gasifier to obtain syngas (mostly CO & H2) which can then be used either as further feedstock for the chemical industry or for gas fired power stations.


In the Shell process, the coal is finely ground and is transported by the use of carrier gas into a gasifier. The control of the flow of the coal suspended in carrier gas is a critical and complex task for acontrol valve. Complex because the valve must be sized in a way to prevent settling of the coal in the valve, which means maintaining certain minimum speeds of coal flow. However at these speeds, the coal is very abrasive, which means that the choice of material will have to include solid Tungsten Carbide parts.


The high solids content mean that a multi-stage control valve is not suitable, while the abrasion means that a traditional single seat will erode too quickly, leading to a special control disc and seat design. Finally the clean air requirements mandates the use of a bellows into the yoke. This bellows must be protected from the very coal that it is meant to seal.

Datian valve has designed and delivered valves for most coal gasification methodologies on the market today including the Lurgi, Sasol, GE, Shell or Siemens processes.
Datian valve has also supplied let down control valves as well as process flow multi-stage angle valves for other severe service and refinery applications such as Hydrocracking and coal




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