3 Way Auto-reflux Valve Application and Features

Automatic Recirculation Valv

There are many types of auto-reflux valves. The 3-way auto-reflux valve we have today has three ports, one in and two out, (left in, right and bottom). Unlike ordinary valves, there is an outlet at the bottom, when the internal spool is in different positions. When the outlet is different, for example, when the spool is at the lower part, the left and right sides communicate. If the spool is at the upper part, the right outlet is blocked, and the left and lower ports are open. Because the left and right mouths are not on a horizontal line. When the emergency is disengaged, the valve is closed and the water is bypassed.

The 3-way auto-reflux valve, A valve that protects the system from damage due to excessive pressure. Once the pressure of the medium in the system piping or device exceeds the set value, the pressure is automatically released to achieve safety protection. The return valve has two types: spring type and rod type. There are also impulse safety valves, pilot safety valves, safety switching valves, safety decompression valves, static and heavy safety valves. The spring-type safety return valve mainly relies on the force of the spring. The spring-type safety return valve is closed and unclosed. Generally, the flammable, explosive or toxic medium should be closed, steam or inert gas can be used. Unclosed, with and without a wrench in the spring-loaded safety return valve. The role of the wrench is mainly to check the flexibility of the valve flap, and sometimes it can also be used as a manual emergency pressure relief. The lever type safety return valve mainly relies on the force of the lever weight, but the lever type safety valve is often limited in size. Selection range. Use a safety valve with a radiator when the temperature is high.

3 Way Auto-reflux Valve Application and Features

In the process of modern industrial equipment, it is required that the centrifugal pump basically operates under variable flow conditions, which requires automatic control equipment to be set in the process. However, when the centrifugal pump is running below the load, it will cause overheating, severe noise, instability and cavitation, which may cause damage to the pump. This requires a three-way return valve device that achieves a minimum flow backflow cycle through the bypass when the pump is running below the load.

Shanghai Datian Valve Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. has developed ZD series automatic recirculation valve through years of research and development, continuous innovation and practice. It is used to prevent damage caused by overheating, severe noise, instability, and cavitation of various centrifugal pumps under load. As long as the pump flow is below a certain value, the bypass of the valve will automatically open to ensure the minimum flow required for the pump.


  • chemical industry
  • Paper industry
  • Traditional power plant
  • Steel mill
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Shipment/sea
  • Environmental industry
  • Fire Fighting System


  • Porous cage bypass, low noise, suitable for medium and low-pressure conditions.
  • Forged valve body, carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • The standard bypass has a non-return function with a maximum working pressure difference of 6 MPa.
  • The main road check structure with the venturi flow path adapts to complex working conditions.
  • Pressure class PN16-PN100, diameter DN25-DN500.
  • You can choose to add manual bypass operation for use in case of failure.
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