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Talent development is one of Datian's core strategies. DaTian pays much attention to education and training its employees, takes full advantage of resources to create the best platform for their development and helps them realize their self-worth through humanist management.


Talent Concept

Recognizing the importance of individual talents and how they contribute to the company, DaTian has set talent improvement as its top priority and encourages continuous education for all employees. Employees are provided with full resources of the company to advance their knowledge in their chosen career field via continuous education and hands-on training. All employees will be continuously stimulated with new and challenging assignments along with the necessary resources to tackle the challenges.

Training and Development

While all new employees undergo generic orientation training, DaTian recognizes that different individuals will require different training regiments to become fully prepared for their tasks. DaTian customizes its vastly adaptable training and intern program to facilitate full-scale development and integration of each employee into the DaTian system. We implement different training routes through department shifts, attending technical lectures, consulting outside consultants, and many more additional learning systems. By exposing its employees to varying ranges of positions and situations, DaTian aims to cultivate young individuals into future leaders of not only DaTian, but the international community.

Salaries and Benefits

DaTian offers competitive compensation packages for all its employees. Salaries are adjusted annually to maintain market competitiveness and taking economical conditions, company performance, personal and department performance contribution (Key performance indicator) into consideration. Furthermore, bonuses are given to all technical, cost-saving and process innovations that brings impact to the company.

Colorful Life

To bring the company together and increase overall company cohesiveness, DaTian releases its latest company news and information through the company's magazines, technical papers, and intranet between company digital devices. Team building activities are also hosted regularly by both company and employee, featuring sports, painting, calligraphy, and singing events.

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