Sales Reference

Tocoma Dam

Country: Venezuela
Client: Corporación Venezolana de Guayana (C.V.G.), Electrificación del Caroní C.A. (EDELCA)
Total value: €2,832 million, share €1,333 million
Start of works: March 2007
Expected duration: 76 months
Scope of supply: large size ball valve and gate valve
Pressure CL150-300#
Valve size: 24-36’’
Material: WCB

Odebrecht Venezuela installed the first Kaplan turbine at the Carlos Manuel Piar Hydroelectric Power Plant, located in Tocoma, in Bolívar State.
According to Héctor Navarro, the country’s Electric Energy Minister, the turbine is one of the world’s most powerful, capable of generating 216 MW. “We have the Kaplan turbine in Venezuela, the most powerful in the world, whose technology is also being used in other Latin American countries,” said the minister during the event that marked the installation of the first piece of equipment. From July of this year to April 2014, workers will complete the mechanical assembly and operation of 10 turbines of the same type.