Mining overview

The mining industry is about exploitation and use of metal or non-metal mineral resources. Its working conditions are demanding. If the valve sealing is not tight enough, corrosion and wear during operation will cause pipeline and valve aging to accelerate. This means more frequent maintenance is needed while the valve’s lifespan shortens. This in turn results in an increasing risk of facility downtime. Valve innovations are always needed in mining industry to keep improving safety and efficiency in mining and smelting.

Our uses advanced design and simulation software, such as CFD and ANSYS (FEA), to simulate product flow, mechanical status and wear condition. Knife gate valves and metal seated ball valves which are designed through this advanced software significantly improves comprehensive properties of products and helps realizing a longer lead time in process automation.

Our valve solutions for the mining industry will help improving environmental safety, working conditions of process pipelines, facility basis & valve service life, and reduce downtime caused by maintenance.

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