Model code of gate valve

The description of the gate valve type is based on the Chinese valve model. It does not include some of the latest gate valve products developed and produced by our company. In the case that there is no uniform standard for new products, we will adopt the enterprise preparation method of the gate valve model. However, for your convenience, versatility and standards, we will try our best to use the Chinese gate valve model.

  • Special requirements code:
    body, cover bolting structure (default) Hs one, cover welding structure PS a pressure sealing structure D a low temperature valve B a bellows valve E a valve body extension end valve
  • Valve type code:
    Z one gate valve
  • Drive mode code:
    4 a spur gear transmission 5 a bevel gear transmission 6 a pneumatic 6s a pneumatic belt manual 7 a hydraulic 9 electric (handwheel drive slightly) 9B an explosion-proof electric
  • Connection form code:
    1 an internal thread 2 an external thread 4 a flange 6 a welding
  • Structural form code:
    1 single gate 2 double gate
  • Sealing surface material code:
    Y-hard alloy H-alloy steel
  • Pressure level code:
    nominal pressure is 10 times MPa, pounds is actual number
  • Body material code:
    (1) Casting valve body: C-WCB I-WC6, ZGl Cr5Mo V-WC9, ZG20CrMoV P-CF8, ZGICrl8Ni9Ti R-CF8M, ZGlCrl8Nil2Mo2Ti S-CF3L-CF3M F-LCB N-LC3
    (2) Forged valve body: C-A105 E-LF2 A-F11 V-F22 P-F304 R-F316 S-F304L L-F316L

Some of the above gate valve model preparation methods may be missing, but the most common and most common contents have been summarized. If you need detailed gate valve model preparation, please contact us directly.

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