Mr.Naoki Sawamur visits Datian Valve factory

On November 14, 2019, the famous Japanese valve manufacturer sawamura Valve Co., Ltd. and its president, Mr. Naoki sawamura, came to our company for inspection. Mr. Yu Chengshan, chairman of the company, warmly welcomed the arrival of Naoki sawamura, accompanied Naoki sawamura to conduct a comprehensive inspection and understanding of the company’s production base, and then conducted in-depth exchanges on technology and business.

Since its establishment in 1925, SAWAMURA Co., Ltd. has been providing products for ships, power plants, petrochemical plants, etc. The main customers of the company include Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Tokyo Electric Power, Toshiba Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Nisshin Steel, Nippon steel corporation, Miho shipyard, Nakatani shipbuilding and other fields. Adhering to the business philosophy of “Just try it”, Sawamura valve has developed and improved a variety of valves in a variety of applications to meet customers’ needs for safety, durability, performance and cost effectiveness. Through centuries of accumulated experience, the product has established a very strong “Japanese quality” manufacturing standard in the market. With the globalization of the market, Sawamura valve will also expand its supply and purchase network to deeply expand to Asian countries and all over the world, and contribute to customers in the region by offering products manufactured in accordance with the principle of “Japan Quality and International Price”.

Shanghai Datian Valve was established in 1998, adjacent to Pudong International Airport and Yangshan Deepwater Port. It is a domestic joint venture integrating R&D, production and sales. The company’s core product control valve and automatic recirculation valve are self-developed high-performance products, exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

During the visit and communication, both parties frankly introduced their key points such as product advantages, research and development, machining technology and marketing. For the current broad market, the products of both parties have great complementary advantages and are full of confidence for future cooperation. And hope to achieve more in-depth cooperation in the foreseeable future.

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