How can the valve industry healthy and orderly development of

May 09, 2018

In recent years, the valve market competition is more and more fierce. Excessive competition in the market lead to the healthy and orderly development of enterprises are hard to come by. Enterprises to maintain their own survival and development, we must make a series of innovation, plays an important role in driving the development and can meet the market needs of high and new technology, to provide strong support for industry development, "manufacturing" to "create". Conformity and end up in a vicious competition of price competition.

Enterprises should adhere to the concept of innovation, innovation in product development and technical innovation, can be combined with scientific research units, institutions of higher learning, actively develop new product project, efforts to expand domestic and foreign markets, thus overcoming the quantitative growth, increase product class, increase the added value of products, pay attention to the construction of independent brands, to enhance the enterprises in China valve in the position in the global industry division of labor, improve the ability to resist risks with their own "bargaining" ability, and enhance the sustainable development of the valve industry competitiveness. Holy nuclear valves by actively adjust the product structure, according to the trend of the development of the market, do their own characteristics of edge products to make the nuclear valves and stronger to do big, do sophisticated products, improve product added value, to achieve the maximization of benefit of nuclear valve products: ball valve, eccentric ball valves, forged steel ball valve, hard seal ball valve, butterfly valve, triple eccentric butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, flat gate valve

Fast development of the valve industry in China in recent years, influenced by factors such as raw materials and labor costs. Product exports and expanding market share, and gradually become an important production base of industry and the main sales market. Valve factory in our country enterprise is numerous, small scale, lack of core competitiveness, and corporate concentration is low, it is difficult to produce influence on the international market, to a large extent restricted the healthy development of the valve industry.

At present, China's valve industry as labor-intensive industry, mainly the expansion of the volume. China's valve industry to have a long-term development, must adjust and optimize industrial structure, to continue to give full play to the advantages of traditional valve industry, and to develop the knowledge and technology intensive industries and emerging industries, to promote the upgrading of the valve industry. Only in this way, as soon as possible to shorten the Chinese valve industry and the gap between the developed countries.