We Do Prefer Friendly Competition

June 20, 2018

we do prefer friendly competition

We do prefer friendly competition in the valve industry, we are doing our best to improve ourselves, include product quality, after-sale services. Also we are trying best to reduce the cost. Below are some of worldwide manufacturers of the Automatic Recirculation Control Valve for your reference.

Tyco ARC valve(Tyco automatic recirculation valve)

  • 5300 Series ARC valve
  • 7100 Series ARC valve
  • 9100 Series ARC valve
  • 9200 Series ARC valve
  • 9300 Series ARC valve

Schroeder ARC valve(Schroeder automatic recirculation valve):

  • SSV Series
  • SMV Series
  • SMA Series
  • SR/SA Series
  • SSD Series
  • SDV Series

Hora ARC valve(Hora automatic recirculation valve):

Hora ARC valve see the struggle for the top ranks in the valve industry as a competition to provide the greatest customer benefits. The message associated with this finds great acceptance on the market. We want to grow quickly and profitably, which helps us to be and remain a future-proof and stable company. HORA presents itself as a medium-sized, independent, family-owned company satisfying specific customer requirements with two divisions. Power Technology focusing on power plant technology and Flow Control focusing on building and industrial automation. Some time ago we crossed our national borders. An export share of 65 percent is a testament to this fact. The HORA brand is increasing in significance both domestically and overseas. Strong arguments in support of this development are: A 100 percent development scope: We develop all our own core products.
About 90 percent is manufactured in-house: All the most important products and components are manufactured by us in Germany enabling us to guarantee our own product quality.
Almost 100 percent delivery reliability: All processes are organized to ensure short throughput times and the highest levels of delivery reliability.
HORA is growing faster than others in our industry. Our team now has more than 300 members. The turnover has increased to approximately 50 million Euro. The network of partners around the globe is increasing steadily; the list of customers is getting longer.

SCHROEDAHL ARC valve(SCHROEDAHL automatic recirculation valve):

  • Type MRM
  • Type SUL
  • Type TDL
  • Type TDM
  • Type TDC

SchuF Fetterolf ARC valve(SchuF Fetterolf automatic recirculation valve):

  • Model 78PS
  • Model 74CS

HBE ARC valve(HBE automatic recirculation valve):

  • DLPM Series
  • HPM Series
  • NLPM Series