YT1000L Type Electric-Pneumatic Valve Positioner

YT1000L Type Electric-Pneumatic Valve Positioner is a device that receives direct current signal from controller or control system and transport air to straight trip pneumatic actuator to control valve opening .

Positioner Technology feature

  • Within 5~200Hz no resonance phenomenon
  • Direat action and reaction, single action and double action canbe easily exchange
  • As resonance caused by small type actuator, it can be resolved by adding positioner throttles.
  • Air comsumption less, the economy is good
  • Can be split range control within 1/2 without exchanging parts.

Performance and parameter

Type Singal action Double action
input signal 4~20 mA DC
Resistance 250±15 Ohm
Input pressure 1.4~7 kgf/㎠  (20~100 Psi)
Trip 10~150 mm
Air connection PT (NPT) 1/4
Pressure gauge connection PT (NPT) 1/8
Power connection PF 1/2 (G 1/2)
Exd class ExiaIIBT6, ExdmIIBT6, ExdmIICT6
IP class IP 66
Working temperature -20℃~70℃(standard)
Linearity ±1% F.S. ±2% F.S.
Hystersis degree 1% F.S.
Spirit acuity ±0.2% F.S. ±5% F.S.
Repeatability ±0.5% F.S.
Air consumption 3 LPM (Sup=1.4kgf/㎠, 20Psi)
Flow 80 LPM (Sup=1.4kgf/㎠, 20Psi)
Material Casing aluminum
Weight 2.8kg


YT1000L Type Electric-Pneumatic Valve Positioner Code

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