HVJB Type Solenoid Valve

HVJB Type Solenoid Valve are used as pneumatic valve “open” and “close electronical operation. It confirms to NAMUR connection standard, and are installed in pneumatic actuator side directly, unnecessary pipe connection. As per gauge control system ,needs to choice single electronic control or double electronic control , two-position five way solenoid valve are installed double action actuator. Two-position three way solenoid valve are installed single action actuator. Whole machine simple, compact, small volume , long life. This produce has normally type (IP67)and exd type. Exd class is ExdIIBT4, which is used in factory explosive environment place.

VJB type Solenoid valve Technology feature

  • Working medium : air ( after 40 micrometer filter)
  • Connection : inlet G1/4 outlet G1/4
  • Effective area (mm)2:35
  • Lubrication : unnecessary ( can supply oil)
  • Working pressure(MPa):0.15-0.8
  • Working temperature(℃):are used in 0-50 unfreeze
  • Voltage scope:15%
  • Electric consumption: AC220V:3.9VA,6.0VA,8.5VA;
  • DC24V: 2.5W,4.8W
  • Reversing time (S):0.05
  • Manual type : Press reversing key ( press and then totate to self-lock)
  • Normally type: IP65
  • Exd type: ExdIIBT4


HVJB type Solenoid valve Code

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