BB NPT Globe Valve

Quick Details

Standard or Nonstandard: Standard Structure: Stop, Forged Steel Globe Valve Pressure: Medium Pressure
Power: Manual Material: Forged Temperature of Media: Normal Temperature
Media: Oil Port Size: 1/4''-2 1/2'' Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Model Number: Z41H-A105 Solid Wedge Globe Valve Brand Name: Forged Steel Globe Valve Ends: S.W/B.W/NPT
Painting: Solid Wedge/Solid Disc Body: A105 Wedge: A182 F6a
Seat: A182 F6a Class: 800# Operation: H.O
Type: Forged Steel A105 Solid Wedge Globe Valve        

Forged Steel A105 Solid Wedge Globe Valve


  • Standard: API602
  • Pressure: 150LB~2500LB
  • Size:1/4''-2'' DN8~DN50
  • Applicable medium:water,oil,acid,etc.
  • Sealing:graphite
  • Driving:manual,handwheel, handling
  • End: RF, RTJ, BW, SW, NPT, S.WxNPT, B.WxNPT, BS PB
  • Features: Bolted or Welded Bonnet OS & Y, Cryogenic Extended Bonnet Pressure Seal

Testings&Main parts and materials

Nominal Pressure Strength test Water-seal test Gas seal test
MPa Lbf/in2 MPa Lbf/in2 MPa Lbf/in2
150 3.1 450 2.2 315 0.50.7 60100
300 7.8 1125 5.6 815
600 15.3 2225 11.2 1630
900 23.1 3350 16.8 2440
1500 38.4 5575 28.1 4080
2500 64.6 9367 47.4 6873

Main parts and materials and performance

Body  A105/A105N/STM A216 WCB/,LF2,F91,F11,F22,F304,F304L,F316,F316L,F321,F51 ASTM A351 CF8
Wedge Disc WCB CF8 CF8M Monel
Stem  F6a F304 F316 Monel F304
Wedge Disc Sealing Face 13Cr 13Cr STL 304 STL 316 STL Monel 304 304 STL
Body Sealing Face 13Cr STL STL 304 STL 316 STL Monel 304 STL STL
Body  ASTM A351 CF3 ADTM A351 CF8M ASTM A351 CF8
Wedge Disc
Stem F304L F316 F316L
Wedge Disc Sealing Face 304L 304L STL 316 316 STL 316L 316L STL
Body Sealing Face 304L STL STL 316 STL STL 316L STL STL


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