Cast Stainless Steel Electric Four Way Ball Valve

Model No.: Q946F/H

The electric four-way ball valve has been widely utilized for the exploiting, refining, and transporting systems of oil, gas, and mineral. It can also be utilized to produce chemical products, medicine; production systems of hydroelectricity, thermal power and nuclear power; draining system, heating system, and gas system in cities or industries. A ball valve, being widely used in the system of irrigation and drainage or production system in metallurgy, is one of the most important machinery products which are closely linked with construction, defense, and daily life. In pipelines, an electric four-port ball valve can interrupt or connect the medium so that the medium can be transported to a specific point as the procedure.


Body Stem Ball Sealing Face Gasket Packing Working Temperature Applicable Medium
WCB 1Cr13 1Cr13  1Cr13
Flexible graphite,
stainless steel and flexible graphite

08mild steel
F304 F316

Flexible graphite,
braided graphite
-29-425℃ water, gas and oil  
WC6 15CrMo 15CrMo -29-425℃
WC9 25Cr2MoV 25Cr2MoV
LCB 304 304 -46-354℃
CF8 304 304 -196-600℃ part acid, alkali  
CF3 304L 304L
CF8M 316 316
CF3M 316L 316L
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