Orbit Ball Valve

What is an orbit ball valve?

The series of the orbit ball valve is a new type of line pipe valve which is developed and designed by foreign advanced technology. It can be applied to natural gas, petroleum products,chemical industry, metallurgy, etc for adjusting, opening and closing the line pipe fluid. The series of the anti-sulfur products can be applied to the medium which has many impurities and to the long-distance pipeline of the natural gas which is seriously corroded.

Orbit Ball Valve
Orbit Ball Valve
Orbit Ball Valve Structure

Technical Specification

Design Standard GB ASME
Face to Face JB/T 7745 GB/T 12221 ASME B16.10
Flanged Size GB/T 9113 JB/T 79 ASME B16.5 MSS SP44
Butt welding End GB/T 12224 ASME B16.25
Test & Inspection JB/T 9092 API 598

Form of Major Parts Materials

NO. Part name Material
2Machine screwGraphite+stainless steelGraphite+stainless steel
8PackingFlexible GraphiteFlexible Graphite
11Stem nutZA19-4A439-D2C
12Cover35ANSI C1036
13Hand wheelQT400-17QT400-17
15Fitting pin1Cr13A276-410

Design Features

  • The construction of the single valve seat under the static state can ensure the tightness, credibility and zero leaks of the two surface seal.
  • The top equipment type can make the system service in line.
  • The cam framework under the valve stem can supply a tight power of the mechanical wedge to ensure the continuous tight seal.
  • The opening and the closing course are completed in two segments, the rising and falling distance is short which is easy to operate.
  • In the course of the opening and closing operation,the sealed surface separates from touching completely without abrasion. The operating torsion is short and the life-span is long.
  • The vacuum which is formed by the course sphere spinning accelerates the velocity of flow of the medium in the channel and this course can achieve the cleanout of the sealed surface.
  • The fire-resistant design of the ball valve enforces the standard of API 607,API 6FA and JB/T6899. When the soft seal burns,the fireproofing construction of the ball valve can prevent the medium from much leaking. And the extension of the fire in case of fire.
  • The driving equipment of the valve can be divided into wrench operation,worm gear and worm drive,electric operation. The electric valve is easy to be auto-controlled and to be operated. With its safety and credibility.
Pressure grade 1.6-42.0MPa Class 150-2500
Test pressure
Shell test 1.5*PN
Sealing test 1.1*PN
Air test pressure 0.6MPa
Working temperature -196℃-+180℃
Working medium Water,oil,natural gas,corrosive medium,etc.

Note: PN is requested pressure for the body material under the 38℃.

The course of opening
The course of opening
  • In the location of the closing, the sphere closely presses on the valve seat by the mechanical pressure of the valve stem. See picture a).
  • When the handwheel is anti-clockwise, the valve stem will counter move then the surface of the angle at the bottom will make the sphere disconnect the valve seat. See picture).
  • The valve stem continues rising and interacts with the guide pin in the spin slot of the valve stem, The course makes the sphere begin rotating without rub. See picture c).
  • Until to the full opening, the valve stem will ascend to the limited location and the sphere will switch to the full opening. See pictured).
The course of closing
The course of closing
  • The handwheel id clockwise when closing, then the valve stem will fall and it will make the sphere separate from the valve seat and begin to rotate. See picture a1).
  • Continue to turn the land wheel, the valve stem is affected by the guide finger in the spin slot which is embedded over it, and it can make the valve stem and the sphere spin 90° at the same time.See picture b1).
  • When approaching closing, the sphere has switched 90° without touching the valve seat.See picture c1).
  • The last circles of the handwheel, the surface of the angle at the bottom of the valve stem automatically wedge to the forced sphere and press it closely on the full seal.See picture d1).

Operating Principle

Every orbit ball valve incorporates a proven tilt and turns operation that eliminates seal rubbing, which is the primary cause of valve failure.

When an orbit ball valve is closed, the core is mechanically wedged tightly against the seat, assuring positive shut-off.

When an orbit ball valve begins to open, the core tilts away from the seat and line flow passes uniformly around the core face.

This eliminates the localized high-velocity flow that typically creates uneven seat wear in an ordinary ball, gate, and plug valves. The core then rotates to the fully open position.

The absence of seal rubbing during both opening and closing means easy, low torque valve operation and long term reliable performance. When valve leakage cannot be tolerated, the ORBIT operating principle can be relied upon to deliver a positive shut-off.

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