Mini-Flow Control Valve

What is a mini-flow control valve?

ZHW type mini-flow control valve is a kind of top pilot single seat valve, which has a simple structure, well sealing, high stable application performance. The top pilot system efficiently avoided the small opening vibration, extend the shelf life.

Pneumatic Mini-Flow Control Valve
Pneumatic Mini-Flow Control Valve
Electric Mini-Flow Control Valve
Electric Mini-Flow Control Valve


Body type:straight through casting globe type
Spool type:non-balanced single-seat plug type
Nominal size:DN15, 20, 25, NPS 1/2〞~ 1〞
Nominal pressure:PN16 ~ 100 CLASS 150LB ~ 600LB
Connection: flange:FF、RF、MF、RTJ
Flange dimension:acc. to IEC 60534
Bonnet type:(-45℃~ higher than 230℃ occasion)
Low temperature extended type(-196℃~ -45℃)
Bellow seal type
Warm insulation Jacket type
Packing:V type PFTE packing, flex. graphite packing, etc.
Gasket:Metal graphite packing
Actuator:pneumatic: multi-spring diaphragm actuator, piston type actuator.
electric: 3810L series smart actuator, PSL series actuator.
Surface painting:Green color, acrylic acid polyurethane ceramic paint.


ZActuatorHStructureNominal pressureBody materialNominal size
Z series control valveJ: pneumatic diaphragm
H: pneumatic piston
R: electric 3810L
D: electric PSL
Direct travelW: standard min-flow
WG: single seat with radiator
WV: single seat with bellow seal
WD: low-temperature single seat
150 LB
D= special
DN25= DN25
Such as: Z type pneumatic diaphragm min-flow control valve, pressure PN16,valve material WCB,nominal size DN50,type:  ZJHW-16C DN50
Flow characteristic Linear, percentage, quick open
Allowable range 30: 1
Rated Cv value CV 0.01~1.0
Allowable leakage Metal seal:  IV grade(0.01% rated capacity)
Leakage standard: GB/T 4213
Type/Method Pneumatic diaphragm actuator Electric actuator
ZH23~ZH56 3810L series
 Multi-spring type Intelligent integrated type
Usage Regulating type, an ON-OFF type Regulating
Air supply pressure or Power supply voltage Air supply pressure (Spring range)
140(20~100)Kpa G
240 (40~200) Kpa G
280 (80~240) Kpa G
Power: AC 200V±10%  50Hz
Or Power: AC 380V±10% 50Hz
Connector Air pipe connector: RC1/4 Normal type:  cable inlet 2-PF(G1/2〞)
Explosive proof type:  can install protection jacket PF(G3/4〞)
Positive action Pressure increase, stem descend, valve close. Input signal increase, stem descend, valve close.
Negative action Pressure increase, stem ascend, valve open. Input signal increase, stem ascend, valve open.
Input signal 40~20mA.DC(with positioner) Input/output4~20mA.DC
Lag ≤1%FS(with positioner) ≤0.8%FS
Linear type 2%FS(with positioner) +1%FS
Environmental temperature -10℃~+70℃ Standard type: -10℃~+60℃
With space heater: -35℃~+60℃
Explosive proof: -10℃~+40℃
Surface coating Green, acrylic acid polyurethane ceramic coating Blue, acrylic acid polyurethane ceramic coating
Accessories Electric-air (air-air) valve positioned, filter regulator, valve converter, solenoid valve, limited switch Space heater (normal type)
Note: non-standard accessories, need special customized notes.


Rated flow coefficient, Cv Percentage 0.25 0.1 0.4 0.63 1.0
Linear 0.01 0.04 0.1 0.16 0.25 0.1 0.4 0.63 1.0
Nominal size Travel Option flow coefficient, Cv(★confirm to IEC ●recommend)
DN15 16mm
Pneumatic actuator ZHA/B-22
Diaphragm effective area, Ae (cm2) 350
Electric actuator 3810L-08
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