rotary actuator control valve

What is a rotary actuator control valve?

Rotary Actuator Control Valve is a kind of adjusting the valve. After receiving the control signal, its actuator turns the signal into a displacement thrust or turning torque to achieve the purpose of controlling the opening and closing of the valve.
Rotary Actuator Control Valve is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, powder metallurgy, and other industries. It can cooperate with the detection instrument to prevent accidents. When the instrument detects a dangerous signal, the angle travel switch valve can immediately act to cut off the medium supply to prevent vicious accidents.


Eccentric Rotary Control Valve

ZRP type Eccentric rotary control valve

ZRP eccentric rotary valve ( CAM deflection control valve), consisted of the actuator and eccentric rotary valve, is a kind of angle trip control valve which composes with partly ball valve plate deflection, eccentric rod rotary to control building. The rotary center of valve disk not concentric with a rotary rod can reduce wear and prolong service life. Disk back set a contra-vane is an advantage for field stability flow and good stable. Secondly, large flow, adjustment scope wide and other features. It is used widely in petroleum, chemical, electric, metallurgy, steel, papermaking, medical, food, spinning, light industry, and other industry.

V-Adjustable Ball Valve

ZRV type V-adjustable ball valve

ZRV type V-adjutment ball valve, a disk with V type slot, which produces sheer force with hard seal seat relative rotation to shut fiber to avoid jamming. It realizes to adjust pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level, and another parameter. It has flowability, high adjustment precision, large adjustment, good sealing, lightweight and other features. It can be used in most situations except small size, angular, three-way connection. It is best to produce instead of importing product, especially applicants to adjust mud and including fiber medium and including micron solid suspended matter. It is widely used in papermaking, sugaring, petroleum, chemical, metal, and other industry automatic control system.

High Performance Adjustable Butterfly Valve

ZRD Type High-Performance Adjustable Butterfly Valve, adopting intelligent control, can adopt an electric or pneumatic actuator to realize the adjustment of pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level. It has compact structure, strong function, small volume, good seal, good performance, simply assort, large flow and other features to be suited for slabby, including partial, fiber medium. It is suitable for the automatic control system of food, environmental protective, light industry, petroleum, paper marking, chemical, teaching, and scientific research equipment, electric and other industries now.

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