Stop Ball Valve

What is a stop ball valve ?

ZQO stop valve includes actuator and ball valve. O type ball valve has a strong function, small volume, lightweight, good seal, large flow, reliability using and so on. Especially, the ball valve has a reliable seal as a pipe inside stop use. It is widely used in food, environmental protective, light industry, petroleum, paper marking, chemical, teaching and scientific research equipment, electric and other industry now.

ZQO Pneumatic Stop Ball Valve
ZQO Pneumatic Stop Ball Valve
ZQO Electric Stop Ball Valve
ZQO Electric Stop Ball Valve

Standard Specification

Body type:Straight casing valve
Disk type:O type globe ball
Nominal diameter:DN15 ~300 NPS 1/2〞~12〞
Nominal pressure:PN16—64 Class 150LB—300LB
Connection:Flange FF, RF, RTJ and so on. Wafer
Bonnet type :Whole piece
Packing:V type PTFE, Flexible graphite
Seal gasket:Metal clip graphite
Actuator:Pneumatic: Pneumatic piston actuator, pneumatic diaphragm actuator
Electric: DTR series, 3810 series
Surface painting:: Green Acrylic polyurethane enamel


ZActuatorQStructure type  Nominal pressureBody materialNominal diameter
Z series stop valveS: Pneumatic piston actuator
J: pneumatic diaphragm actuator
Q stop valveO: Standard type hard seal
OH: Hard seal
D=Special material
Such as: Pneumatic piston stop valve, Pressure PN16, Body material WCB, Nominal diameter DN50.Type is ZSQO-16C DN50


Flow characteristicQuick open(ON-OFF)
Rated CV figureFully port type CV 21~7359
TravelFull open 90°
Allowance leakageSoft seal : 0 leak


Nominal diameter (mm)1520253240506580100125150200250300
Rated  Cv21387211217027338451294014522222358951287359
Pneumatic actuator seat: PTFE
Double action ATD50637588100125145180240265
Single action ATS-637588100115125145160200240265330
Electric actuator  Seat: PTFE
Electric actuator 3410R-0510205060100


Pneumatic piston actuatorFull electronic type electric actuator
AT Series3410 Series
Single action, Double actionStop type
UsageAdjustment, on-offStop
Supply gas pressure or supply voltageAir supply pressure ( spring scope)
400 Kpa G
Power: AC 200V±10%  50Hz
Or AC 380V±10% 50Hz
ConnectorAir tube adapter: RC1/4Normal type: Cable intake 2-PF(G1/2〞)
Exd: it can be installed protective sleeve PF(G3/4〞
Working temperature-10℃~+70℃Standard type: -10℃~+60℃
With spacer heater: -35℃~+60℃
Exd type: -10℃~+40℃
CoatingGreen, acrylic polyurethane enamelBlue, acrylic polyurethane enamel
Option partsElectric-Pneumatic (Pneumatic-pneumatic)valve positioner, LFT, Valve position transmitter, solenoid valve, limited switchSpace heater (normal type)
Note: Not standard configuration, need to state especially to custom
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