Stop Valve

What is a stop valve ?

ZQP stop valve has a simple structure, easy operation, small volume, lightweight, good seal, large flow, reliability using and so on. The disk can use a single action or sleeve to adopt stop needs under different pressure drops. It can choose a big push pneumatic piston actuator or electric actuator.

ZQP type Pneumatic Stop Valve
ZQP Pneumatic Stop Valve
ZQP Electric Stop Valve
ZQP Electric Stop Valve

Standard Specification

Body type:Straight casing ball type body
Disk type:Single plug or balance sleeve
Nominal diameter:DN20 ~ 300, NPS 3/4’’—8’’
Nominal pressure:PN16 ~ 100 Class 150LB ~ 600LB
Connection:flange: FF. RF. RTJ
Weld: SW. BW
Face to face:Conform to IEC 60534
Bonnet type :Standard (-5℃~230℃), radiation pin (-45℃~230℃). Low temperature extends (-196℃~ -45℃), Bollow seal, insulating clamp mode.
Packing:V type PTFE, Flexible graphite
Seal gasket:Metal+graphite
Actuator:Pneumatic: multi-spring diaphragm actuator, piston actuator
Electric: 3810 series intelligent electric actuator, PSL actuator
Surface painting:Green color, acrylic acid polyurethane ceramic paint.


Z Actuator Q Structure type Nominal pressure Body material Nominal diameter
Z series stop valve H: pneumatic piston
J: pneumatic diagram
R: Electric 3410 series
D:Electric PSL series
Q stop valve P: a standard single-seat type
PF: soft seal single-seat type
PG: wigh radiation single type
PV: bellow single-seat type
PD: low-temperature single-seat M: standard sleeve type
MF: soft seal sleeve type
MG: with radiation sleeve type
MV: bellow sleeve s type
MD: low-temperature sleeve type
CL150LB=150 LB
DN25= DN25
Such as Z type pneumatic diaphragm stop valve, PN16, Body material: WCB, nominal diameter: DN50, Type is ZJQP-16C DN50


Flow characteristicQuick open
Allowable leakageHard seal: IV Class (0.01% valve rated volume)  Soft seal: VI class ( bubble class) Leakage standard: GB/T 4213
Note>: parameter in performance is with positioner and PTFE packing control valve

Special specification

Special test Material body penetration inspection (PT), radiographic inspection (RT), Flow feature test, low-temperature test
Special treatment Trim nitrogen treatment, Seal coating hard alloy treatment
Special clean completely forbidden oil, removing water treatment
Special specification Special piping or special air connector, vacuum use condition, fastener adopt stainless steel, Special coating
Special size Produce according to user's structure length or dimension
Authentication test Third-party authenticate test report


Model / Type Piston actuator Full electronic type electric actuator
LVP80~LVP300 3410L series
Single piston/Double piston On-off
Usage On-off On-off
Supply gas pressure or supply voltage Air supply pressure
Power: AC 200V±10%  50Hz
Or AC 380V±10% 50Hz
Connector Air tube adapter: RC1/4 Normal type: Cable intake 2-PF(G1/2〞)
Exd type: it can be installed the protective sleeve
Input signal 40~20mA.DC (E/P positioner) Input/putout4~20mA.DC
Ambient temperature -10℃~+70℃ Standard type: -10℃~+60℃
With spacer heater :-35℃~+60℃
Exd type: -10℃~+40℃
Coating Green, acrylic polyurethane enamel Blue, acrylic polyurethane enamel
Option parts Filtration reducing valve, solenoid valve, limited switch Spacer heater (Normal  type)
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