Gate Valve Video

gate Valve Video

Gate valve is an on-off type valve. The movement direction of the gate plate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. The gate valve can only be fully opened and fully closed, and cannot be adjusted and throttled. The gate valve is sealed by the contact of the valve seat and the gate plate. Usually, the sealing surface will be welded with metal materials to increase wear resistance, such as 1Cr13, STL6, stainless steel, etc. The gate has a rigid gate and an elastic gate. According to the different gates, the gate valve is divided into a rigid gate valve and an elastic gate valve.

Fully-Welded Ball Valve

Fully-Welded Ball Valve, are the three types of rotary valves used in industrial plants. They are widely used in fluid-handing systems for flow control.

Orbit Ball Valve

Orbit Ball Valve, are the three types of rotary valves used in industrial plants. They are widely used in fluid-handing systems for flow control.

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Common faults of gate valves and their solutions

1. Leakage at the gate of the gate valve The packing gland is too loose to evenly tighten the nut for the compression packing gland.If the number of packing rings is not enough, the packing should be added.Fillers should be replaced with new fillers due to excessive use or improper storage. When replacing, be careful that the joints between the rings should be staggered 1200. 2. BETWEEN THE GATE VALVE AND THE SEAT SEALING SURFACE There is dirt between the sealing surfaces, which can be washed away.If the sealing surface is damaged, it should be re-ground. If necessary, it can be re-welded and processed. The grinding sealing surface must be flat and its roughness should not be less than 0.4. 3. THE LEAKAGE NUT OF THE GATE VALVE BODY AND THE BONNET JOINT IS NOT TIGHTLY TIGHTENED OR THE TENSION IS UNEVEN, AND CAN BE RE-ADJUSTED. Damage to the flange seal ...
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Forged steel gate valve use characteristics and installation

FORGED STEEL GATE VALVE FEATURES The forged steel gate valve has low flow resistance. The inner medium passage of the valve body is straight through, the medium flows in a straight line, and the flow resistance is small.It is more labor-saving when opening and closing. Compared with the shut-off valve, the direction of movement of the shutter is perpendicular to the direction of flow of the medium, whether it is open or closed.High height and long opening and closing time. The opening and closing stroke of the shutter is large, and the drop is performed by the screw.The water hammer phenomenon is not easy to produce. The reason is that the shutdown time is long.The media can flow in any direction on both sides for easy installation. The gate valve channels are symmetrical on both sides.The length of the structure (the distance between the two connecting end faces of the casing) is ...
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Model code of gate valve

The description of the gate valve type is based on the Chinese valve model. It does not include some of the latest gate valve products developed and produced by our company. In the case that there is no uniform standard for new products, we will adopt the enterprise preparation method of the gate valve model. However, for your convenience, versatility and standards, we will try our best to use the Chinese gate valve model. Special requirements code:body, cover bolting structure (default) Hs one, cover welding structure PS a pressure sealing structure D a low temperature valve B a bellows valve E a valve body extension end valveValve type code:Z one gate valveDrive mode code:4 a spur gear transmission 5 a bevel gear transmission 6 a pneumatic 6s a pneumatic belt manual 7 a hydraulic 9 electric (handwheel drive slightly) 9B an explosion-proof electricConnection form code:1 an internal thread 2 an external thread ...
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