valve accessories

What is a valve accessories ?

There are many kinds of accessories in the pneumatic valve, which are configured according to the different work needs of the valve. Among them, the pressure reducing valve is a necessary accessory. No matter what function of the pneumatic valve, it must be equipped. Its function is to provide a standard power supply pressure for the pneumatic valve, and the standard value is 0.4MPa. For the two-position valve that only needs to be opened and closed, the solenoid valve is a necessary configuration. The solenoid valve can control the opening/closing of the pneumatic valve through excitation/demagnetization. The valve positioner is a necessary configuration of the pneumatic control valve. The valve can be controlled at any opening position through the valve positioner. If it is a control valve with safety conditions, it must also be equipped with a solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is used to force the valve to be in a safe position under unexpected circumstances. For the large capacity cylinder valve, in order to speed up the action speed of the valve, the guide valve must also be configured. The function of the guide valve is to drive the guide valve by the gas signal of small gas volume to switch the pipeline of atmospheric volume so that the cylinder valve has a faster gas path of filling/bleeding. There are many types of guide valve, which should be selected according to the specific needs of the pneumatic valve. If you want to master the valve position state of the two-position valve, the valve limit switch is an effective configuration. If you want to master the valve position is a regulating valve, you must install a valve opening transmitter, which can feedback the valve opening signal at any position. Due to the needs of equipment technology, the valve may be normally open, slowly closed, or slowly open, normally closed, so it needs to be equipped with a pneumatic damper, which is to control the amount of gas flow through and achieve the required valve action speed through adjustment.

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