EVP2001 Type inner intelligent valve positioner

What is a inner intelligent valve positioner?

The electric valve EVP2001 intelligent control is based on the new high-speed low-power Industrial SCM as the core of the intelligent signal acquisition and control unit. This product uses a soft-measurement technology and pulse width modulation (PWM) intelligent control algorithm, which can directly receive the output of 4-20mA signals from an industrial instrument or computer and electric actuator’s inside plastic potentiometer position feedback signal, use kinds of valves or devices to proceed precise positioning operation. We adopt ring fluorine resin encapsulation, compact and can be mounted directly on the junction box of the electric actuator. It can output the rotational angle (or displacement) feedback signal corresponding to the electric actuator. The controller uses three key operations, eight LEDs display the working status of the controller directly, with the function of fault diagnosis, easy to operate.

EVP2001 Type inner intelligent valve positioner
EVP2001 Type inner intelligent valve positioner

Technology Feature

  • Control precision : 3.1%-0.1% can be setted
  • Receiving control signal: 4-20mA or 1-5VDC ( Please confirm current or voltage control type when ordering it )
  • Power: single-phase alternation current 220V±10%50Hz
  • Working temperature: -20~+70ºC
  • Dimensioin : 88×78×35mm
  • Electric actuator full open、full close automatic position calibration
  • Adjust position intelligent by the input signal and actuator angle
  • Output actuator position feedback signal 4-20mADC

Intelligent controller panel

Intelligent controller panel
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