XCYB200/205 Type Filter Reducing Valve

What is a Filter Reducing Valve ?

XCYB200/205 Type Filter Reducing Valve is a kind of device that adjust factory main air pipe supply pressure to positioner and control device needed stable pressure digital.

XCYB200/205 Type Filter Reducing Valve

Technology Feature

  • Whatever input pressure and flow wave, it always keep stable output pressure
  • Light weight, small size, easy install and maintainance
  • It can filter 5 micrometer molecule
  • If output pressure is higher than designed pressure, it will relieve air to maintain stable output pressure
  • YT-205 material is stainless stell, is used to corrosivity atmosphere enviroment and sea environment.

Performance and Parameter

Max input pressure15kgf/㎠(231psi)
Max output pressure4.2kgf/㎠(57psi)8.4kgf/㎠(120psi)2.1kgf/㎠
Air connectionPT(NPT)1/4NPT1/4
Pressure gauge connectionPT(NPT)1/4NPT1/4
Enviroment temperature-20~70℃(-4~158°F)
Min filter size5 micrometer
MaterialCasing aluminumStainless steel
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