HAPL-310N/410N Type Limited Switch

HAPL-310N/410N Type Limited Switch Introduction

HAPL-310N/410N Type Limited Switch box transport actuator and vavle position signal to site and romote operation station. It can be installed on actuator top directly, confirms VDI/VDE3845 . Its feature: site visible position indicator, quick adjustment position cam. Adjustment cam are installed by spline and spring. Once switch cam takes off spline ,it will rotate to adjust needed positin. It has prevent off shell screw and two cable inlet G1/2 pipe connection. Inner trip switch advanced connecting wiring terminal . 8 pcs terminal and is linked by solenoid valve


HAPL-310N/410N Type Limited Switch

Technology Feature

  • With dome director
  • Without other tools , it can easily adjust cam switch position
  • Connection wire box has 8 pcs standard terminal
  • Wiring terminal has solenoid valve terminal
  • It has 2 pcs 1/2”power connection. We can easily connect wire as per site situation
  • Can change easily dome director transparent windows direction.
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