XCYB400 Type Blocking Valve

What is a Blocking Valve ?

CYB300/310/320 Type Pneumatic Amplifier provides max flow to the actuator, is used to improve valve action speed.

XCYB300/310/320 Type pneumatic amplifier

Technology Feature

  • XCYB-300 and XCYB-310 provide air pressure ratio 1:1, so speed and accuracy is perfect
  • By adjusting bypass to improve system stable
  • It is very sensitive for input signal small change.

Performance and Parameter

Max input pressure 7kgf/㎠ (100psi)
Max output pressure 7kgf/㎠ (100psi)
In/out pressure ratio 1:1
Flow ratio (Cv) 1.02 2.26 4.98
In/out connection PT(NPT)1/4 PT(NPT)1/4 NPT3/4
Signal connection PT(NPT)1/4
Linearity ±1%(F.S.)
Environment temperature -20~70℃ (-4~158°F)
Material Casing aluminum Casing aluminum Casing aluminum
Stainless steel Stainless steel
Weight 0.5kg 0.76kg 2.3kg
1.3kg 5kg
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