XCYB400 Type Blocking Valve

What is a Blocking Valve ?

XCYB400 Type Blocking Valve is a kind of device that can test pressure in time and automatic shut access when air supply pressure is lower than designed pressure.

XCYB400 Type Blocking Valve

Technology Feature

  • Small size, light weight, unnecessary share york, can be connected with metal directly.
  • Be sensitive to below 0.1kgf/㎠ pressure drop
  • Adopting epoxy paint , good anti-corrosion
  • Can increase limited switch and indicator to monitor XCYB-400 open-close situation

Performance and Parameter

ITEM / TYPE Single action Double action
Signal pressure Max 7kgf/cm2 (100psi)
Pressure scope 1.4~7kgf/ cm2 (20~100psi)
Pneumatic lock pressure Max 7kgf/cm2 (100psi)
Differential pressure Lower than 0.1kgf/ cm2 (1.4psi)
Flow ratio 0.9
Enviroment temperature -20~70℃ (-4~158°F)
Air connection PT(NPT) 1/4
Material XCYB-400 casing aluminum
XCYB-405 Stainless steel
Weight XCYB-400 0.45kg 0.7kg
XCYB-405 1.3kg 1.5kg
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