ZXQ2003/2004 type intelligent valve positioner

What is a intelligent valve positioner ?

ZXQ2003、ZXQ2004 electric valve intelligent positioner is an intelligent signal collection control system using industry single-chip as the center . Small volume, It can be installed in the electric actuator connection box or mounted outside by DIN guide rail and can receive output 4-20mADC signal of industrial gauge or computer (another input signal can be customed before out of the factory ). It matches potentiometer feedback electric actuator to operate vary valve or device precision position and freely calibrate electric actuator corner ( displacement ) , at same time, output 4-20mADC actuator corner ( displacement)feedback exchange signal. We can set a precision actuator corner lower limit value and upper limit value by pressing a key. Positioner adopts 3 pcs press key operation, 9 pcs LED light to appear positioner model directly, and 4 digital LED appear valve position actual opening, valve position design opening, positioner shell inner temperature, easy operation.

ZXQ2003/2004 type intelligent valve positioner

Link Way

Refer to below gauge terminal and gauge shell connection drawing to connect electric actuator and power wire. Please note connection polar, in order to reduce motor interference, electric actuator control wire and feedback wire should be apart. Gauge weak electric signal wire shorter is better. If it is necessary to use longer wire, we should shield signal wire. Out shield and control box should be connected to earth suitable.
Positioner and electric actuator are connected by 7 wire connector, Positioner GND can connect with electric actuator sheel or suspending in the air without connecting. RO, RV, RS connect feedback potentiometer in the electric actuator. RV is connected with potentiometer slide arm, RO is connected with resistance reducing terminal between actuator opening and slide arm. RS are connected with another terminal. SHUT, OPEN, is connected with servo motor close, open, com terminal.
Note: Positioner COM, OPEN, SHUT is active output terminal, COM, OPEN and COM, SHUT related output voltage is power voltage.

Technology feature

  • Control precision: 0.1%-3.0% (can be adjusted by U4 parameter )
  • Can be linked with electric actuator feedback signal:Potentionmeter 500Ω-10KΩ
  • Can be received outside control signal DC):4-20mA(1-5V、0-10V、on-off value are setted before being carried out of factory
  • Input resistance : 250Ω
  • Some can be setted by U1 parameter: ①DRTA/Direct action, RVSA/reverse action ② Input signal interrupt , Interrupt model –OPEN, STOP, SHUT Optional :
    ① Controlled silicon output (AC,600V,25A)
    ② Servomotor output (AC,250V,10A) Note: specify when ordering
  • Output actuator position signal: low-drift output 4-20mADC actuator full close to fully open, signal insulate with input completely.
  • Working temperature: 0-70℃. Humidity: 35-85%
  • Overtemperatuer protective function: Positioner inner temperature ≥70℃, Positioner stop controlling the actuator.
  • Dimension:ZXQ2003 77mm(Bottom surface length)×76mm(width)×51mm(height)
  • ZXQ2004 74mm(Bottom surface length)×57mm (width) × 45mm(height)
  • Can calibrate actuator action interval of the input signal ( normally calibrate actuator full close, full open position)
  • Can set up-down limit point
  • Actuator locked-rotor detection control function: like control actuator locked-rotor lasts 3-4S, positioner will be off control output 1min. Test control repeatedly to locked-rotor is released.
  • Can set self-adjustment precision: While actuator is working, can’t position, appear 3 times vibration,
  • positioner will reduce positioner precision to 1/1000 ( original precision + 1/1000 ). repeatedly adjust to suitable control precision. The set parameter is UO(000.x)
  • Code lock, avoid the wrong action
  • Avoide actuator start frequently function
  • With error code indicating accident reason
  • Intelligent step adjustment position precision as per input signal and actuator angle positon
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