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What is a valve actuator and how does it work ?

The pneumatic actuator is an actuator that uses air pressure to drive the opening and closing or regulating valve. It is also called a pneumatic actuator or a pneumatic device, but it is generally called a pneumatic head. Pneumatic actuators are sometimes equipped with certain auxiliary devices, commonly used are valve positioners and handwheel mechanisms. The role of the valve positioner is to use the feedback principle to improve the performance of the actuator so that the actuator can achieve accurate positioning according to the control signal of the controller. The role of the handwheel mechanism is to control the control valve directly when the control system is out of power, gas, controller output or actuator failure, in order to maintain normal production.

DTR Type Electric Actuator

DTR Type Electric Actuator

DTR series rotatory type electric actuator function completely, has an on-off type, adjustment type and so on. It has a small volume, lightweight, reliable performance. Bearing and key parts adopt import product, and worm gear output integration to remove join, gap, high drive precision, small hysteresis. Choosing special copper alloy forging, high strength, good wearability. Aluminum alloy casing shell. beautiful appearance, low electromagnetic interference, install at any angle, easy use, anticorrosion, antirust, free oil. It is the double limit, overload overheat protection, good safety performance. The whole trip has multi-speed to Mechatronics design can receive computer or meter output 4-20mADC or 1-5VDC standard signal directly to realize intelligent control and precision location of the electric valve.


3810/3410 Electric Actuator

3810, 3410 series electronic type electric actuator, using 220V AC single-phase power as drive power, that is a safety electric actuator accepting computer controller or operator 4-20mADC or 1-5VDC input signal to operate. Its inside has a servo system, no need spare servo amplifier. Key part “ controller “ adopt advanced hybrid integrated circuit, and use resin to solid-cast. After ageing treatment, moistureproof , shockproof. Positioner adjust zero , trip , sensitivity conveniently. Function switch can choose direct action, reaction, choice stop signal three situation. Meanwhile, the actuator has overload protection, temperature protection and compressed spring protecting valve close completely. It is a highly reliable product, with a straight trip and angle trip consist of the electric control valve.


ATD/S Type Pneumatic Piston Actuator

TD/ATS new type gear strip type pneumatic actuator contains oversea and domestic new technology and by CAD 3D model innovation and optimal design, its appearance is beautiful compact, modernize molding. It also adopts new material, new craft to make product quality and performance more reliable. Multi-specification selected is more economy; Products with the latest international comprehensive standard specifications to meet the needs of the present and future.

ZHA/B Type Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator

ZHA/B Type Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator

ZHA/B type multi-spring pneumatic diaphragm actuator changes the output pressure of pneumatic adjustment gauge into push rod displacement change. It can connect a straight trip control valve to change the control system output signal into disk corresponding position to realize to control valve open degree. It has force uniform, good stability, large output push, small size, lightweight and other advantages.

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