ATD/S Type Pneumatic Piston Actuator

What is a Pneumatic Piston Actuator?

ATD/ATS new type gear strip type pneumatic actuator contains oversea and domestic new technology and by CAD 3D model innovation and optimal design, its appearance is beautiful compact, modernize molding. It also adopts new material, new craft to make product quality and performance more reliable. Multi-specification selected is more economy; Products with the latest international comprehensive standard specifications to meet the needs of the present and future.


Working principle of ATS single action actuator

When air pressure come cylinder two side piston chamber from the gas port(A), two-piston move to the side of the cylinder to force spring compress and then two side chamber air is moved out from gas port (B) and at the same time two-piston gear strip with output shaft spin anti-clockwise. Under air pressure and after solenoid valve transferring, two-piston move to the middle of the cylinder and then middle chamber air is moved from the airport(A) and at the same time, two-piston gear strip with shaft spin clockwise. (If piston are installed relative inverse direction when spring-return output shaft are changed to reverse rotation, it would be single action inverse transformation)

Model Establishment

ATAction typeSize spec.AngleConnection sizeOutput shaft sizeSpring Q'tyWorking tempAnticorrosion grade
AT series pneumatic  actuatorD: Double action
S: Single action
Comply with international standardLD= Parallel oblique output hole
HT= Parallel to edge output hole
W= Two key output hole
5-12(only ATS)ST=Standard -15~+150℃
LT=Low temperature -40~+80℃
Common condistion=A
Low concentration acid condistion=B
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