How to install the automatic recirculation valve

The automatic recirculation valve is mainly installed at the outlet of the centrifugal pump. When the centrifugal pump outlet flow is lower than the minimum flow, the pump protection valve is bypassed, and the minimum flow of the pump design is bypassed to the pump suction device to avoid centrifugation. The pump is damaged due to overheating.


  • The automatic recirculation valve (ARC valve) is a fully mechanical structure that controls the valve by the flow and pressure of the medium and does not require additional energy.
  • The automatic recirculation valve (ARC valve) only recirculates when the flow rate is low so that the pump is cooled, and there is no recirculation when the pump is in normal operation, thereby saving the electric energy and water energy consumed by continuous recirculation.
  • The automatic recirculation valve (ARC valve) does not require electrical wiring or two series of regulating valves. Unlike conventional control valves, we only need one valve for pump protection, eliminating the need for actuators, flow meters, and control units.
  • The automatic recirculation valve (ARC valve) has a non-return function that prevents the medium from flowing back into the pump.
  • The automatic recirculation valve (ARC valve) bypasses the minimum flow required for proper pump operation to the pump suction unit, preventing the pump from overheating and cavitation.


  • nominal diameter: DN25~400mm
  • the nominal pressure: PN1.0~32.0mpa
  • connection method: flange connection (ANSI or DIN), but also for butt welding
  • bypass size: 1/2DN (standard), or special
  • valve body material: forged carbon steel, cast chromium nickel molybdenum tantalum stainless steel, wrought chromium nickel molybdenum tantalum stainless steel
  • internal material: wrought chrome stainless steel wrought chrome-nickel stainless steel wrought chrome-molybdenum stainless steel


Boiler feedwater, cooling water, condensate equipment for nuclear power plants; petroleum, chemical industry and refrigeration equipment; loading, boiler water pumps for ships, fire protection systems; paper mill pulp pumps, snowmaking equipment; drinking water supply, wastewater treatment systems; Fire protection systems and water injection pumps; hot rolling descaling, cooling systems, etc.

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