wafer multi-layer seal butterfly valve video

Wafer multi-layer seal butterfly valve, in addition to retaining the original butterfly valve, it has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, convenient operation, reliable performance, simple maintenance, anti-aging, anti-irradiation, durability, long life, temperature and high pressure resistance, and application. A wide range of features. It is widely used in heat pipes, boiler auxiliary systems, petrochemicals and metallurgy industries to cut and regulate various non-corrosive and corrosive media.

Production characteristics

  • The valve adopts a double eccentric structure, and has a tighter sealing function, and the sealing performance is reliable.
  • The sealing material is matched with stainless steel and nitrile oil resistant rubber for long service life.
  • The rubber sealing ring can be located on the valve body or on the butterfly board, and can be used for different characteristics of the medium for the user to choose.
  • The butterfly plate adopts a frame structure with high strength, large flow area and small flow resistance.
  • The overall paint can effectively prevent rust and can be used for different media as long as the sealing seat seal material is replaced.
  • The valve has a two-way sealing function, is not subject to the control of the flow direction of the medium during installation, and is not affected by the position of the space, and can be installed in any direction.
  • The valve has a unique structure, flexible operation, labor saving and convenience.