water power control valve

Water power control valve  is a general term, a type of automatic control valve which is composed of a main valve and its external needle valve and guide valve. The working state of the hydraulic control valve is generally in the normal state, the normally open state, and the floating state, and mainly relies on the adjustment between the main valve and the needle valve or the pilot valve to control the water flow state.

Application range

The hydraulic control valve is a valve that utilizes the pressure of water in the pipe network to control the opening, closing and opening of the valve. It is an automatic valve that saves manpower and saves energy. Widely used in water irrigation, high-rise buildings, fire protection systems, municipal water supply and drainage, electricity and other water supply network systems. Its functions include automatic control of water level, decompression, pressure relief, holding pressure, adjustment, check, elimination of water hammer, switch and other functions. It is also possible to change the attached pipe and the pilot valve according to different needs to achieve the required function.